Beyond borders, towards a better future.

Michitas International imports attractive and interesting products from overseas and delivers them to the people of Japan. We strive to add new things to your life so that you can live comfortably and richly.
Michitas means to add something new and unknown to your life, to add a new way to your life.

Michitas Internationalは海外の魅力ある面白い製品を輸入し、日本の皆さまにお届け致します。新しいものを生活にプラスして快適に、そして豊かに暮らしていただけるよう努力してまいります。




We have partnered with import business consultant Hideaki Otake (
Together with Hideaki Otake, an evangelist for the Japanese crowdfunding site “Makuake,” we are working to spread innovative products from around the world to Japan, and through our products, we are developing a business that will bring smiles to the faces of everyone in Japan and abroad as well as shorten the distance between Japan and foreign countries.