Business description / 事業内容

Michitas Internationalは海外からの製品を日本国内に輸入して販売することで、国際的な商品を多くの人に提供し、文化の交流を促進するとともに、ビジネスの可能性を拡げることを目的とします。地球環境の保護に貢献しながら、日本国内においてもSDGsの普及・実現に努めます。顧客と共に、より良い未来を創造することを目指します。 

Michitas International aims to expand business opportunities by importing and selling products from overseas, providing international goods to many people, promoting cultural exchange, and contributing to the dissemination and realization of SDGs in Japan while protecting the global environment. We strive to create a better future together with our customers. 



We have partnered with import business consultant Hideaki Otake (
Together with Hideaki Otake, an evangelist for the Japanese crowdfunding site “Makuake,” we are working to spread innovative products from around the world to Japan, and through our products, we are developing a business that will bring smiles to the faces of everyone in Japan and abroad as well as shorten the distance between Japan and foreign countries.